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Keeping boot/* out of filesystem.squashfs

Fr?d?ric BOITEUX wrote:
> 	Hello,


>   I've been hit by the same problem, exclusion of some patterns in
> MKSQUASHFS_OPTIONS doesn't work because mksquashfs requires that these options should be at the end of the command line, but live-helper adds some other options after them in /usr/bin/lh_binary_rootfs...
>   I've proposed a patch on this list (see
> http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/debian-live-devel/2008-June/003799.html) but nobody did care of it at now...

the reason for that is that your patch is, although it would work, not a
good (passing environment variables to live-helper is possible, but
should never be done if it is possible through a config file or config
option in config/) and generic enough solution (only works for squashfs)
to exclude files from the binary image.

i've commited a not perfect but less limited approach:

Thanks for persisting on the issue, and thanks for not beeing mad at me
for not having it done earlier.

For the future: in general, i try to keep up with the list as good as
possible, but nevertheless things can go lost. if you want to make
really sure something doesn't get forgotton, you are always welcome to
submit a bug report to the bts.


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