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About live-initramfs v 1.136.1-1

Jordi Pujol wrote:
> I can't found the package httpfs2 in the repositories, how can we get that ?

httpfs2 is work beeing done by Michal Suchanek and Hadar Weiss. It
should be uploaded to Debian actually (for live-initramfs, it doesn't
matter if it is not installed, and live-initramfs only has a suggests to
it until httpfs2 made it into the archive).

Michael, I somehow forgot httpfs2.. where can I find the current package
in order to review and upload it?

> Also, the program names used in the hook for the httpfs utilities are not 
> coherent, there is some mistake,

thanks for spotting it; i've commited something slightly different to
fix it:

Btw, do you have things ready to merge from 1.136.1-1-jp1?


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