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About live-initramfs v 1.136.1-1


Some observations about that version of live-initramfs,

I can't found the package httpfs2 in the repositories, how can we get that ?

Also, the program names used in the hook for the httpfs utilities are not 
coherent, there is some mistake,

--- live-initramfs-1.136.1-1/hooks/live
+++ live-initramfs-1.136.1-1-jp1/hooks/live
@@ -117,42 +178,38 @@

-if [ -x /usr/bin/httpfs_ssl ]
-	copy_exec /usr/bin/httpfs2_ssl /bin/httpfs
-	if [ -x /usr/bin/httpfs ]
+if which httpfs2_ssl > /dev/null
+	copy_exec /usr/bin/httpfs2_ssl /bin/httpfs
+elif which httpfs2 > /dev/null

Best Regards,

Jordi Pujol

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