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infrastructure. An implementation of that can be seen in the different
modes d-i has, a text modus and a graphical modus. Apart from the
graphical bling, all options, how it works and the look and feel of both
modes are identical. This is a great strength, since you only need to
support/test/document/$whatever one backend.

That's also why live-installer is made as a udeb to hook into d-i, and
not beeing a reinvention of the wheel, so that all the d-i framework is
used except the difference of not bootstrapping the system but unpacking
the squashfs.

For a future 'click-on-your-desktop'-installer, the same should be kept
in mind. For the text-mode installer, depending on what is better,
either doing kexec to launch d-i, or doing a loop-mount of the d-i
initrd, chroot into it, and  launch it there from a terminal window.

A year ago, the d-i graphical guy said, that the graphical d-i mode
could be easily recompiled to work as a standalone application (it needs
to be linked against gtk, rather than gtk directfb stuff in order to run
on ordinary X11). I've not heard anything new on that. Would be nice if
anyone has time to look into that though.


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