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The live_helper software does have a usb-hdd option, which makes an
image you can write to your pen drive (with dd.)

On 6/17/08, dewidewio at aol.com <dewidewio at aol.com> wrote:
> hi there i would appreciate if you dont just delete this email , and reply,
> thanks. hi im trying my hardest to find a way of putting a live cd on a 4gb
> pen drive, im not having success.
> i know there are may distros out there but mine is on the rare side.
> you probably have heared of it its TROPPIX
> i dont know if anyone has attempted or successfully done it, but if anyone
> had more info it would be you guys.
> please reply with good news or bad wether i can or not , and if possible
> how.
> cheers
> dewi williams
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