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Splitted live-snapshot patches + some comments on snapshot internals

El Sunday 08 June 2008 11:51:45 Marco Amadori va escriure:
> Hi Jordi, nice to "meet" you. (btw I like your understanding of live-
> initramfs).

Thanks Marco, and also I have found very great your collaboration with Debian 

> This part, when "/live/cow" will be visible again, is already handled by
> live- snapshot, something like "live-snapshot
> --output=compressed_file.nametype -- type={cpio,squashfs,jffs2,ext2,ext3}"
> with latest patches applied.

then, I'll wait for the latest version and try,

> > Later the developer would modify this compressed file to include the
> > necessary files, and the modification would be able to be used as a
> > static filesystem to add to the main filesystem of the Live OS.
yes, that can be done with modules, here I was trying to explain how to do the 
full process,

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