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Splitted live-snapshot patches + some comments on snapshot internals

On Sunday 08 June 2008 11:19:42 Jordi Pujol wrote:
> El Sunday 08 June 2008 01:21:57 Marco Amadori va escriure:
> > Any wishlist or ideas on snapshot/persistent topic here?

> Hello Marco and list,

Hi Jordi, nice to "meet" you. (btw I like your understanding of live-

> I like another form to use live-snapshot,
> it is a matter of that working into an started Live OS , the developer
> installs new packages and does some configurations in the operating system,
> then I want to use live-snapshot to store the changed files in a compressed
> file created in a personal directory, belonging to an already mounted unit,

This part, when "/live/cow" will be visible again, is already handled by live-
snapshot, something like "live-snapshot --output=compressed_file.nametype --
type={cpio,squashfs,jffs2,ext2,ext3}" with latest patches applied.

> Later the developer would modify this compressed file to include the
> necessary files, and the modification would be able to be used as a static
> filesystem to add to the main filesystem of the Live OS.

If I understood you well, this part is already enabled in the live-initramfs 
"live" script, under the name ".module", but it was just tested once by me 
when I wrote the code, and it worked. I did not tested after that, basically 
it would support adding read-only filesystems to the main one at boot time, 
indicating a list (the module) of which ones to include.

Look at $(git grep -n module scripts/live) for hints.

> In this manner we would be able to have a basic Live OS, that would take
> different personalities according to the complements that are applied at
> the moment of start,

Yes, I meant to write also the build time support of that feature but I did 
not go beyond of proof of concept phase.


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