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Splitted live-snapshot patches + some comments on snapshot internals

El Sunday 08 June 2008 01:21:57 Marco Amadori va escriure:
> Any wishlist or ideas on snapshot/persistent topic here?

Hello Marco and list,

I like another form to use live-snapshot,

it is a matter of that working into an started Live OS , the developer 
installs new packages and does some configurations in the operating system, 
then I want to use live-snapshot to store the changed files in a compressed 
file created in a personal directory, belonging to an already mounted unit,

Later the developer would modify this compressed file to include the necessary 
files, and the modification would be able to be used as a static filesystem 
to add to the main filesystem of the Live OS.

In this manner we would be able to have a basic Live OS, that would take 
different personalities according to the complements that are applied at the 
moment of start,

Best regards,

Jordi Pujol

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