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Lenny general freeze ahead

El Wednesday 04 June 2008 22:48:38 v?reu escriure:
> This sounds nice. However, what happens if there is a non-busybox
> losetup installed?

now the option is present in the two losetup commands,
Previously the option -f was only available in the standard command losetup,  
Assuming that this standard could be not allways installed, to simulate this 
functionality in the previous Busybox version was used the trick of 
investigate the /sys filesystem.

> Since live-initramfs now recommends loop-aes-utils (or whateve the
> exact name), and they install their own losetup I had to fix up
> setup_loop to work for cases when the image is readonly.

In my opinion, I consider that loop-aes is an obsolete package and is 
superseded by the cryptoloop module and the crypto functions, included in the 
standard kernel. Now the kernel works with encrypted devices using the 
standard command losetup included in the mount package, and there is no need 
for loop-aes.

Observe that the option -r is not present in the Busybox command losetup,
Even we can affirm that it does not matter, due that aufs joins that loop 
devices with the options real-read-only or read-only.  


Jordi Pujol

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