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Lenny general freeze ahead

for those who were not following IRC recently; we discussed marcos patch
intensively already.

Marco Amadori wrote:
> This is what I intended to do, the context was "new release of live-snapshot", 
> sincerely. After thinking a little more, I could split it in two part: 
> /etc/live-snapshot.list feature and "live-snaphot --refresh" feature.
> I just have no time to split to finer level,

i already said twice that it's ok to have that particular patch splittet
in two patches (and not more). my point for not merging as is are the
ones I gave you twice on irc already, including all details what to
change where precisely:

- don't change unrelated things
- don't change coding style

> since I'm used to XP which leaves 
> you the good (IMHO) and bad (ITIYHO) habit to always refactor and reformat the 
> code one is working whit.

as said on irc already, there is no point in merging stuff that makes
existing code uglier wrt/ coding style when it can be that easy to
correct it.

> So in a couple of seds I renamed the function names 
> like the rest of the code and cleaned the code (I saw you merged some minor 
> cleanups) while adding the first feature, then I saw the space and the use-
> case for the --refresh helper.
>>   Bonus points
>>   if it's possible to merge them from a git branch.
> This was done too. [0] I could rebase it if needed.

please do so, and please correct the other things i pointed out on irc
to be changed. if you don't remember them or don't have a log, i can
send one.

> A good thing to rush to, should be the debian-installer integration and 
> testing (maybe I'll do in the work hours like latest 2 features If I could 
> convince again my boss we need this feature and push the priority up) .

d-i integration isn't the problem from live-helper point of view, the
main two problems are (to be done) initrd loop-mounting in order to do
klick-on-desktop installs and (existing) problems with live-installer.

> I'm afraid I could not help more, but I need to program how to spend time 
> precisely, and my priority are on creativity (scratch the hitch) and bug 
> fixes. I really would enjoy more freedom in merging other code, strict rules 
> need time and effort to adhere, and there are diminishing return in really 
> using a cvs so precisely like you seems to enjoy (look latest 3 commits, 
> spaces, copyright and a version number... )

err? you were basically absent in the last 15 month. things have changed
from a svn where you could commit and i cleaned up afterwards to a
'always clean state' git repository done right. please accept that.

> No critics, but please discuss without prejudice.

i don't have prejudices, really.

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