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setting up a couple of user accounts

On Wed, Dec 19, 2007 at 06:41:29AM -0700, John Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> I have some software that I would like installed on a LiveCD for demonstration 
> purposes.  The installation requires the addition of  a couple of user 
> accounts with the software in those accounts.
> Is there a way to add additional users?
> Using the old make-live, I would create a separate chroot and do my 
> installation there, and then use the following comand:
> make-live --include-chroot /home/jas/debianliveSCIRun/ --hook="chown 999:99
> 9 /home/casper -R"
> I looked through the exmple scripts for debian-live but didn't see anything, 
> any points to FAQs or something I perhaps overlooked would be appreciated.

Add hook scripts in config/chroot_local-hooks . Those scripts are run in
the chroot itself after everything was installed. You can use something
of the sort of:

# add some users:
adduser whatever --nopassword
echo whatever:thepassword | chpasswd

Alternatively, put a list of:  'username password' lines in

and use a hook script of the sort of:

# add some users:
cat /users_to_add | while read user passowrd; do
  adduser user --nopassword
  echo user:password | chpasswd
rm /users_to_add


The above are completely untested.

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