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live helper in Ubuntu 7.10 (gutsy) ?

Steven Shiau wrote:
> It does not work in Ubuntu 7.10. it failed in:

you need to adjust LH_MIRROR_* for ubuntu commodities.

> 2. Couldn't find any package whose name or description matched
> "linux-image-2.6-486"

you need to adjust LH_LINUX_* for ubuntu commodities.

> Therefore I think live-helper does not support Ubuntu by default. right ?


> I did same test in Debian etch, however I got another problem, the
> /sbin/start-stop-deamon in the created iso is just "#/bin/bash". In the
> past, I can restore it by " apt-get -y --purge remove
> cdebootstrap-helper-diverts". However, now live helper said
> cdebootstrap-helper-diverts not installed. I realized it's removed by
> lh_bootstrap_cdebootstrap. So the question is, if I need the real
> /sbin/start-stop-daemon in created iso, how can I make it ?

sounds like an incomplete build. during build-time, lh_chroot_dpkg is 
taking care of disabling and re-enabling start-stop-daemon. there mustbe 
a reason why the re-enabling has failed in your build.

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