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non-package software additions, and other modifications

On Jun 20, 2007, at 3:37 PM, Chris Lamb wrote:
> The Live system calls "adduser" during bootup to create the user. To
> modify it's behaviour, take a look at /etc/adduser.conf - it has the
> functionality you need (ADD_EXTRA_GROUPS and EXTRA_GROUPS, I think).
> You would then either override the existing one using
> chroot_local-includes or construct a hook that will make the  
> changes you
> need directly.

   Hmm.  I must be misunderstanding something.  I put a replacement  
adduser.conf into the right place, and can verify on the booted  
LiveCD image that the change is in place.  If I run, on the running  
LiveCD system, a command:

adduser --add_extra_groups garnob

   After asking bunches of questions, garnob is in fact put in group  
disk.  But, the user that came up in the system in the first place is  
still only a member of dialout,cdrom,floppy,audio,video,plugdev, and  
the group that was created with their UID as GID.  So, something  
about the adduser that the system is invoking at boot doesn't work  
quite the way I'm expecting it to.

   Any thoughts?  Thanks...

                        - Chris

   BTW, the change I made to the adduser.conf was to add a line:

#EXTRA_GROUPS="dialout cdrom floppy audio src video lp src users"
EXTRA_GROUPS="dialout cdrom floppy audio src video lp src users disk"

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