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Debian Live 1.0~a13-1 Completely Broken

First of all, broken dependencies:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
  live-package: Depends: live-helper but it is not going to be
  E: Broken packages

Then lenny image don't booting, crying "panic" and "can't open
scripts/live". This is because of missing live-initramfs in
lenny. The same is for etch. And there are no options for backport
as it was for old version of live-package. sid is missing
squashfs-modules. Thus, there are no way to build and booting
image for all distributions: sid, lenny and etch.

If I am wrong, tell me how to solve this problem. Last
successful build I have done few days ago with old live-package
(may be 0.99.26-1) for lenny, but after removing casper, it is
impossible to do neither with new version nor with old one at
this time.  I see, this is charge of transition period.

By the way, why there are no option to use 2.6.18 kernel
instead of 2.6.21 one for building sid image, if there are
squashfs-modules for 2.6.18 version?

And finally just now I have build and boot etch image with
LH_INITRAMFS=casper including casper in packages list: no
"panic", root filesystem mounted, but init can't not finish,
because of missing user casper as well as user "user" (default).
It is still possible to complete boot with "username=root" as
kernel parameter. And this is only way to get running system.
Bad story.


****  Vladimir Stavrinov  ***
*******  vs at inist.ru  *******

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