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error message make-live: unrecognized option `--filesystem'

i was using with great pleasure ('till yesterday when i unadvertitedly 
erased my WHOLE
debian using lh_clean on a chrooted directory of my disk ... my fault!) the 
to build an usb bootable disk.
Today when i started a new machine (always debian) the command i used to 
build the live
returns an error using the same command i used previously :

Robotics01:/home/claudio# make-live -p gnome-full  --filesystem squashfs 
--binary-image usb
make-live: unrecognized option `--filesystem'

any idea of what could have happened?

another question: is there a smarter way to rebuild the image if you change 
some parameters
for example you add some packages  with --packages "gparted ssh g++" without 
lh_clean and then make-live again?
I've tryied lh_binary, even deleting image.img, but the image is not 

thank you all, Claudio.

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