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Dialog on a feature of netboot=nfs:// cifs:// http:// https://

Alex Owen wrote:
> I would encourage you to read "Documentation/nfsroot.txt" from the
> Linux source tree... I consider that the definitive documentation
> about kernel command lines to boot a machine from NFS. I would
> encourage all "early userspace" implementations to adhere to that doc
> as closely as possible... and at least be backwards compatable with
> it!

as far as i saw, casper/live-initramfs already has some compat code for
this (which is good, then :).

> Oh and my old post is here:
> http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/debian-live-devel/2007-February/000871.html

thanks, i'll have a look at it and read about the materia.

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