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Dialog on a feature of netboot=nfs:// cifs:// http:// https://

On 5/24/07, Daniel Baumann <daniel at debian.org> wrote:
> Alex Owen wrote:
> > Ther linux kernel can mount an NFS share or CIFS share as the root
> > partition... I'm not aware that one can "mount" http or https ???
> whadar worked on a solution to use fuse in early userspace (aka
> initramfs) to mount from arbitrary localtions (hey scary idea is, of
> course, to boot an image stored in your gmail account ;).

Yes, I  tried to do it with http fuse cloop which is another implementation
for http filesystem (aside from httpfs).
The problem is that processes are killed when initramfs ends and run-init
starts. I'll elaborate:

As you probably know, fuse filesystems exist as normal user processes. When
initramfs switches to the real filesystem (http in our case), it cleans all
the process, and starts init process as pid 1. As you can imagine, killing
the filesystem is not good for us...
I looked for a solution for this problem and found project "lupin" which
uses ntfs-3g in initramfs.
To overcome the same problem they did some replacements to the init scripts:

sed -i 's/killall5/ps axwww \| grep -v ntfs-3g \| grep -v PID \| grep -v rc
\| grep -v init \| awk "\{print \\\$1\}" \| xargs -n1 kill/g' /target

I tried something similar but without success so far... The system just
hangs when run-init starts.
Any help on this is welcome.


> I did write a patch (I think on mailing list/bug tracking system)
> > which modified the "toram" feature which might help towards what you
> > want.
> sounds interesting.. but i didn't see it in the bts, could you resend
> and rediff it against live-initramfs?
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