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cow persistency again

> > Reason: The Unionfs doesn't respect the 'noatime' option for the /cow
> > branch. Hence, I'd not recommend using a 'casper-rw' partition on a USB
> > stick for /cow persistency.
> thanks for finding out, didn't know that.
> maybe aufs is behaving differently, did you already try that?

I havn't tried aufs on Debian yet.

However, in another approach, I managed to implement a cow-persistency without 
using a 'casper-rw' partition. Instead, I created a script located in 
the '/etc/cron.hourly' directory. The script uses casper-snapshot and copies 
the result to the /live_media, where /live_media is re-mounted as rw. Works 
pretty well, except for some growing files like '/etc/mtab' or some unwanted 
log files in the /var/log. 

It would be nice if the 'casper-snapshot' had a working '--exclude-list' 
option, it seems to be disabled at the moment. Will the 'live-initramfs' 
package support this option again?


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