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cow persistency again

I created a Debian Live for USB-HDD with the current make-live

	make-live --bootstrap cdebootstrap -d lenny --username usblive --filesystem 
squashfs -b usb-hdd

My USB stick has a 2 partitions, one for the Debian live (vfat) and another 
one labeled 'casper-rw' (ext2) for the the persistency. In an attempt to 
reduce the write-cycles to the persistent /cow (mounted from the 'casper-rw 
partition) I also tried to have this 2nd 'casper-rw' partition (/cow) mounted 
with the '-o noatime' option. I changed the following files:


	Changed the line    
	  mount ${cowdevice} -t ${cow_fstype} -o rw /cow || panic "Can not mount 
$cowdevice on /cow"
	  mount ${cowdevice} -t ${cow_fstype} -o rw,noatime /cow || panic "Can not 
mount $cowdevice on /cow"

	Also changed the line
	  mount -t unionfs -o dirs=/cow=rw:$rofsstring unionfs "$rootmnt" || 
panic "Unionfs mount failed"
	  mount -t unionfs -o noatime,dirs=/cow=rw:$rofsstring unionfs "$rootmnt" || 
panic "Unionfs mount failed"

However, it seems that it is not mounted with the 'noatime' option. How can I 
accompish this?


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