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Rebuild without downloading


> I have built several .iso and it works fine. However I wonder why I can't rebuild without downloading all the packages again.

What you got downloaded is not "all the packages" but only some meta
from the mirror to make sure you've got up-to-date local packages.

> I work live-helper1.0~a6-1

upgrading to latest live-helper is probably wise.

If you really don't want the "update" part, take your responsabilities
and comment out :
 rm -f .stage/chroot_sources

in the end of /usr/bin/lh_binary ;-)

Thus .stage/chroot_sources will persist in the .stage directory,
lh_chroot_sources will then be skipped, and "aptitude update" won't
be called anymore.

Wondering if the advice is good though.


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