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new iso procedure

Philippe MONROUX wrote:
> - where  is the  place  to  place my  own  configuration files  (/etc/
> rcfiles      or     /home/      rcfiles).       I     presumed      in
> debian-live/config/chroot_localincludes but I'm not 

config/chroot_localincludes is correct. note that you need to place them
relative to chroot_localincludes as root, e.g.

  chroot_localincludes/foo becomes /foo in the live-system.

> I have LH_CACHE="enabled in debian-live/config/common but must I erase
> my   old   debian-live/.stage   debian-live/binary   debian-live/cache
> debian-live/chroot directories before starting a new building ? 

cache saves the bootstrapped chroot, and the packages you have
downloaded. this only saves you from re-downloading stuff, not from
re-running stages.

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