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Persistant Cows

> > I've been working with similar setup, but with ext2 partition in usb
> > stick, whithout journaling there are few writes to device.

Also mount with noatime!  Otherwise any read is also a write!

Otherwise, yes, if you don't have swap and /var/tmp and /var/log and
/tmp and swap using the flash there aren't going to be that many
writes under normal use.  Plus modern flash can take many more writes
than the old stuff (except the cheapo "read-only" stuff that can only
take a dozen writes or so) and incorporates wear-leveling under the

> It's an option ;-)
> I'll give it a shot. Worst case, I'll have an excuse to get a new USB
> drive. CyberGuys has a very nive one for less than $20 :)

Get several, and rsync the primary to the backups regularly so when
the primary dies you won't be too sad.  rsync -av --delete is a good
way to duplicate while minimizing writes.

One interesting note- while most flash devices wear out by surprise,
there are some premium ones that measure wear and can be queried as to
their remaining life!

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