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Persistant Cows

> I was wondering...
> Does anyone have a good solution for keeping changes to a Debian Live
> system persistent? I see that Casper offers a few options, the most
> tempting being a casper-rw partition on the USB stick that I use to
> boot Debian. The only problem is that it is flash storage and may not
> deal well with being written to all the time.
> I tried to create a jffs2 partition and add that to the unionfs
> manually (unionctl / --add /mnt/root/cow && unionctl / --mode /cow ro);
> the problem here is that a reasonably big jffs2 file system is rather
> slow - too slow to be really useful.
> Eventually, I will probably try to procure an HD based USB drive, but
> in the meantime, I am a bit puzzled. Has anybody found a good way to
> work around this while keeping the whole system portable?
> Thanks,
>  ~Juergen

I've been working with similar setup, but with ext2 partition in usb
stick, whithout journaling there are few writes to device.

It's an option ;-)

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