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Adding kernel modules from source

Juergen Fiedler wrote:
> I am trying to figure out the best way to add kernel modules to a
> Debian Live image if the Debian repositories only have the sources.

OT: In an ideal world, all module maintainers would ask for inclusion of
their packages into the conglomeration[0] modules, so that we have
prebuild modules for the Debian kernel flavours.

> I can think of two methods: 

/me too :)

> One would be to install the kernel- and driver sources somewhere, boot from
> a Debian Live CD with the kernel that I am going to use, build everything and
> then move the modules to config/chroot_localincludes/.

install the linux-headers package of your live system kernel of the
build-system, build binary packages of those modules with
module-assistant, and copy the *.deb files into
config/chroot_localpackages/. They are going to be installed
automatically while chroot phase.

> The other would be to install all sources in config/chroot_localincludes/
> and create a hook that compiles and installs everything and then deletes
> the source tree from the chroot.

That would be really ugly. Assumed that you do not change your to be
used kernel on a daily basis, it's even faster and simpler to go with
option 1, rather than always to keep a build environment on the live system.

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