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patch to allow persistence on NFS mounts...

Alle 09:00, venerd? 16 marzo 2007, Fr?d?ric BOITEUX ha scritto:
> Le mer 14 mar 2007 19:08:51 CET, Hadar <whadar@gmail.com> a ?crit :
> > I agree - it is quite hard to debug current casper.
> > A debug param that enables "set -x" and disable those exec's could be
> > very helpful IMHO...
> In submitted patches, i?added a boot option, 'debugcasper=y' to disable
> those exec's...

Yes, I saw it, but I think I'll rework it because it just dump the output at 
the end of casper script, we should also disable redirection if the bug to be 
debugged shows up before that point.

Thanks again for your quality patch, it will included in one of the next 

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