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List of Live CD based on Debian Live

Marco Ghirlanda wrote:
> Had in idea today talking to another dev of live cd about DL.
> Why don't we put on the wiki links to the live cd done with DL with a
> short description, the link and a screenshot?

Good Idea, will do.

As you can see on http://live.debian.net/ (which is only the download
page) I did play arround with a new html site. Note that it's just a
stub, the content and it's arranges (e.g. the blue box) needs to be
improved. I'm going to do this next week and add more content.

If you or someone other wants to help, feel free to say so.

> I think it maybe a good way of getting the thing outside to people. In a
> way DL is WAY better than current projects for making live cd's.

yes, i think that too.

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