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clean up lh_buildbinary so same chroot can be used for ISO, USB and Netboot image

Here is a patch (untested) to describe an idea I just had.

At the moment you can do "make-live -t iso"
then rm debian-live/.stage/image_binary" and do "make-live -t net"
and both created images work... both built from same chroot.
However if you then do rm debian-live/.stage/image_binary" and do
"make-live -t iso" the new iso image created will have two differences
to the first iso produced:
  (1) the image will not boot as /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf
is configured with MODULES=netboot
(2) the new iso rootfs has smbfs installed

My proposed solution is to:
(1) rewrite /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf  and rebuild the
initramfs for all 3 types (usb,iso,net) and not just net, this should
make things bootable!
[Ideally we could augment the initramfs so it has all modules and does
not need to be rebuilt for net. Yes this would make it larger but
being able to copy the initramfs of cd and use it to netboot would be

(2) don't special case the install of smbfs but ad it to the minimal
lists. This keeps the default for net, and adds a small overhead for
cdrom/usb. BUT it makes all type behave the same and means that by
using a custom file list you can remove smbfs if you are cdrom/usb
booting and if you are NFS netbooting (obviously you need to keep it
for SMBFS net boot!).

Also why was the netboot stuff in a "if [ "${LIVE_ARCHITECTURE}" =
"amd64" ] || [ "${LIVE_ARCHITECTURE}" = "i386" ]" clause? Netboot
seems arch indep to me?

Patch is attached.
Sorry I have not tested it :-(
Probably need to check the initramfs.conf config as I have cut it
right back to what I think is minimal... I may have been over zealous

Bye for now
Alex Owen
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