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Bug#409980: Undocumented command line options

Package: casper
Version: 1.79+debian-2
Severity: minor
Tags: patch

There are several command-line options recognized by casper that are not
documented.  This patch adds documentation for these features to the
casper(7) man page.  I have attempted to group these options logically
with related features already listed in the man page.

diff -ru casper-1.79+debian/debian/manpage/casper.7 casper-1.79
--- casper-1.79+debian/debian/manpage/casper.7  2007-02-06
14:45:32.000000000 -0600
+++ casper-1.79+debian2/debian/manpage/casper.7 2007-02-06
14:49:34.000000000 -0600
@@ -12,9 +12,15 @@

+.B integrity-check
+If specified, an MD5 sum is calculated on the live media during boot
and compared to the value found in md5sum.txt found in the root
directory of that partition.
 .B casper-getty
 This enables a special "serial" login shell (experimental).
+.BI "console=" TTY "," SPEED
+Set the default console to be used with the "casper-getty" option.
Example: "console=ttyS0,115200"
 .B xdebconf
 uses xdebconfigurator, if present on the rootfs, to configure X instead
of the standard procedure (experimental).
@@ -36,9 +42,15 @@
 .BI "live-media-offset=" BYTES
 This way you could tell casper that your image starts at offset BYTES
in the above specified or autodiscovered device, this could be useful to
hide the debian-live iso or image
inside another iso or image, to create "clean" images.
+.BI "live-media-timeout=" SECONDS
+Set the timeout in seconds for the device specified by "live-media=" to
become ready before giving up.
 .BI "locale=" LOCALE " | debian-installer/locale=" LOCALE
 Configure the running locale as specified, if not present the
live-media rootfs configured locale will be used and if also this one
misses casper behave as "locale=en_US.UTF-8"
was specified. If only 2 lowercase letter are specified (like "it"), the
"maybe wanted" locale is generated (like it:IT.UTF-8), in this case if
also "keyb=" is unspecified is set
 with those 2 lowercase letters (keyb=it).
+.BI "access=" ACCESS
+Set the accessibility level for physically or visually impared users.
ACCESS must be one of v1, v2, v3, m1, or m2. v1=lesser visual
impairment, v2=moderate visual impairment, v3
=blindness, m1=minor motor difficulties, m2=moderate motor difficulties.
 .BR "netboot[=" nfs "|" cifs ]
 This tells casper to perform a network mount. The parameter
"nfsroot=" (with optional "nfsopts="), should specify where is the
location of the root filesystem.  With no args, wi
ll try cifs first, and if it fails nfs.

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