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Persistency only on some directories (was: Re: configuring home)

> Marco Amadori wrote:
>If you have an image file on a fat or a partition (or usb) labeled :

>"casper-rw" - enable at boot with "persistent"
>"home-rw"  -  enable at boot with "homepersistence"
> >It will, on the first, enable full persistence to all
> >"/",
> >the latter, only to "/home".

What if I want enable persistency only on, say, /etc, /usr and /home?
Do the ready made images allow that, or is there an option I can use
while building my own live image? I hope I was clear.

By the way, what's the /cow directory for? Is it generated by
unionfs, by casper-live, both?
Sorry, I couldn't find any more documentation online.


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