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Fluxbox version

Perhaps a window manager installation (for Debian Installer, when the user 
wants to install it in the Hard disk).

And a list of window managers.

The advantage of window manager is you can install a GUI in a small space, 
like a bootable USB key (like Damn Small Linux).

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> Ottavio Caruso wrote:
>> Anyway if I have to advocate a minimal windows
>> manager, I'd recommend jwm.
> ...and I would advocate for wmii.
> Anyway.. the problem with non-mainstream desktop-environments (commonly
> known as Gnome, KDE and Xfce) is, that everybody likes something
> completely diffrent. To be fair, we would have to create a fluxbox, an
> icewem, an wmii, a windowmaker, an ion3, a ratpoison, etc flavour.
> Atm, you can just create them yourself according to your very own taste:
> LIVE_PACKAGES="$packagename_of_your_favourite_windowmanager" make-live
> iso x11
>> There are other interesting features that should be
>> considered and that work in DSL: the backup/restore
>> process, the mydsl extension package management, the
>> /opt directory that does engage RAM.
> Do you mean with 'backup/restore process' that you can remove the CD
> while the system is running? If so, that would be nice to have,
> definitely. The mydsl extensions are not needed, you just can install
> additional debian packages.
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