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Fluxbox version

Ottavio Caruso wrote:
> Anyway if I have to advocate a minimal windows
> manager, I'd recommend jwm.

...and I would advocate for wmii.

Anyway.. the problem with non-mainstream desktop-environments (commonly
known as Gnome, KDE and Xfce) is, that everybody likes something
completely diffrent. To be fair, we would have to create a fluxbox, an
icewem, an wmii, a windowmaker, an ion3, a ratpoison, etc flavour.

Atm, you can just create them yourself according to your very own taste:

LIVE_PACKAGES="$packagename_of_your_favourite_windowmanager" make-live
iso x11

> There are other interesting features that should be
> considered and that work in DSL: the backup/restore
> process, the mydsl extension package management, the
> /opt directory that does engage RAM.

Do you mean with 'backup/restore process' that you can remove the CD
while the system is running? If so, that would be nice to have,
definitely. The mydsl extensions are not needed, you just can install
additional debian packages.

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