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[Fwd: Re: SoC Project Proposal Already Completed]

Robert Pickel wrote:
> I have been working on this... and am trying to expand the knoppix hw
> detection and startup scripts packages by having them
> undo everything they modified when they were installed... so say yo
> installed from the live cd... the install script could simply dpkg
> --purge <knoppix-packages>
> that would then initiate the rm scripts to get the init script
> functioning the way they were before knoppix hw detection was installed.

Instead of Knoppix stuff, the debian-installer (d-i) should be used for
the hardware-detection. It is more mature than the Knoppix stuff, and
has one of the largest hardware-databases (especially for
non-i386/non-amd64 hardware).

> By applicant, do you mean me? or another SOC applicant?

Yep, I ment you.

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