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Basic questions

On Thu, 2006-05-11 at 00:21 -0300, Claudio Ferreira wrote:
> I read all list and wiki, and not found(or not is
> clear some process). What i understood is that
> 'make-live' call a group of scripts that are in
> /usr/share/make-live/*.sh.
> My doubt is if is possible, from a option in command
> line, start the process from a modified chroot. I
> explain. What i saw, was a creation of a bootstrap,
> getting more some pcks (like kde|gnome|etc), create
> some necessaries links(for works  as liveCD), make the
> initrd (to boot), and closing in a iso.
> So, i ask if is possible to make the chroot env, enter
> into its, and add other pkgs that haven't in the main
> repository, or have only in deb pck, where need a
> manual installation(dpkg -i), and AFTER continue the
> process.

Yes, it can be done but it is not officially supported. After "make-live
iso" is finished, go to your live/ directory and run "chroot chroot" to
enter the Debian environment and configure your additional packages.
When you are done, you can recompress the ISO by running the last half
of /usr/share/make-live/scripts/iso.sh. No other scripts are relevent at
this point.

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