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Direct Download links of Debian Live Net and Safedesk 3.1 Open Source release

Hello list;

First, at the end of this message, you will find the software you need
to make your own Debian Live Net as well as the relevant patches to the
official release.

Now for the exciting news: We (Safedesk) have released an open source
version of our newest product built from the the afore-mentioned Debian
Live Net functionality. It contains a fully working Gnome desktop with
OpenOffice, OpenClipArt, GIMP, Inkscape, GAIM, and F-Spot plus the usual
Gnome suspects. There is no closed-source code of any kind in this
release; it's just a Debian Net Live build with a few config files
tweaked in the chroot to make the boot process work seamlessly.

It includes a README.TXT file in the tarball with some instructions on
setting up your thin clients. Minimum memory requirements for the thin
clients are 128 MB of RAM and a 1024x768 monitor at 60 Hz.

Here is the tarball which is uploading from my dev server as I write
this; it should be finished uploading in around 3 hours (so wait to
download until then). We have a fairly fat upstream pipe but please go
easy on us.

file size: 718490623
md5sum: bf2f857100044deab15050b6fa4b9c61

You can customize the thin client's available software by entering the
change root like this:

# chroot /var/live/chroot

and then using apt-get or aptitude to install or remove Debian packages.
You may also find gconftool-2 useful for changing gconf keys of Gnome

As a little shameless-plug: either tomorrow or Monday we (Safedesk) will
be releasing a commercial version of the product that features a
closed-source GUI installer and a closed-source GUI management tool that
assists in configuring clients by MAC address. To be clear: neither of
these tools interface to any GPL code; they just manipulate config.
files. The commercial version will also have tools to help support
running Windows 98, 2000 or XP inside of either QEMU or VMware Player ON
THE CLIENT. This allows a system administrator to distribute Windows
desktops using a virtualizer to shield the OS from hardware variations.
The virtualizer is launched full-screen and does NOT require a hard
drive on the client.

We are also offering commercial support contracts for both the open
source edition and the close-source "Enterprise Edition".

Since the archives gobbled my attachments I have also offered the
modified .deb and also my patch to the official release at the same FTP

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