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First DLS ISO available.

Hi to all debian-live enthusiasts!

Me and Daniel Baumann are proud to announce the very first release of 
a Debian Live System iso.

It comes in four flavour and prebuilt for two archs, amd64 and i386.

- KDE  ~ 370 Mb

- GNOME ~ 360 Mb

- XFCE ~ 175

- "Naked" ~ 111 Mb

Base URL for downloading is at http://live.debian.net/debian-cd/current/

Try them and please report bug and suggestion.

To produce them by yourself follow the howto at wiki pages, should be as 
simple as (to build a kde amd64 iso):

'LIVE_MIRROR="http://apt-proxy:9999/pure64"; sudo make-live iso kde'

Enjoy first Debian Live!


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