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Building on Knoppix and Damn Small Linux

Alle 12:43, marted? 14 marzo 2006, pr0f3ss0r1492@yahoo.com ha scritto:

> However I caught a cold shower when you declared that Casper (Ubuntu) is
> the way to go and Knoppix is not Debian.

> Ubuntu is not Debian, either!

We do not intend to use ubuntu repositories, just the casper initramfs 

> The Ubuntu live-cd took me ages to boot, the above mentioned distro take
> no longer than 30 secs.

This is about mainly sorting the files on the compressed filesystem.

We could do that too. It's just a bash line away.

> Would I be able to carry my Debian Live on my 1GB stick?
> Would I be able to run it from an emulator (Qemu) without intoxicating
> my host OS?
> Would I be able to run it on older hardware?

Yes to all.

Do not worry.


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