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Final goal of debian-live project, a tool: proposal and man page

Alle 18:10, mercoled? 1 marzo 2006, Daniel Baumann ha scritto:

> > Suggested name: make-debian-live
> make-dls *scnr

Ack, let's call it make-dls.

> According to what we wrote eachother already per private mail bevore, we
> need basically three sorts of package selections (names are just
> randomly taken):
>   * one core (or mini) system:
>     all packages of priority required.
>   * one base system:
>     core system + all packages of priority important and standard
>   * multiple desktop systems:
>     base + one desktop environment (kde/gnome/xfce/$whatever)

This is really nice, maybe we could simply add an option to include cdd-<name> 
at building stage to give also to custom debian distro's projects an easy way 
to produce their livecds.

> .oO(does anybody think, a server profile would be useful? I don't think
> so.)

Let's have 3 system as above and give the choose to include other packages to 
the mix.

> > I'm proposing a mixed approach in defining goals and projects, this one
> > is top-bottom but we should not rely only on my vision for sure, instead
> > I'm talking about putting random ideas in this "effort" and then let the
> > wiki organize himselft.
> I'm myself more the 'bottom-up'-guy. I will report later about the
> 'building the squash-enabled kernel' sh-snipplet. Next one for me would
> be, to prepare sh-snipplets for bootstrapping mentioned profiles into a
> directory.

I am a 'np-guy' and all politics to reach the goal are fine. I go from top to 
bottom easely, so I'll watch casper more next days.

I need to be commented out on cddt if it could be the right tool to build our 
3 systems mentioned above.

Otherwise we should stick to create flavours for debootstrap I think.

Question: do we already have a tool that given a package name it downloads all 
(including base deboostrap system) package it needs?

Also I need comments on 1-5 sub-tools mentioned in my previous post.


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