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Re: DocSearcher on Debian

Hi everyone on this list...

My name is Thomas Wolkenhauer from Germany. I`m a junior lawyer (someone who 
has passed his first State Examination, as my dictionary says). I'm only a 
linux user (yet on SuSE7.3, but I`m going to switch to Debian with next 
release), so I can`t contribute much. But I`m going to stay in touch with 
this project and try to help if I can.

Am Dienstag, 17. Juni 2003 17:27 schrieb Jeremy Malcolm:
> I figured it would be nice to stick on a law office intranet, to search 
> through all the OOo documents on the file server.

Maybe loook might be helpfull. It`s not java-based. It uses Python 2.2 and 
Tcl/Tk and it is GPL-Software. There is no deb yet.


I don`t know DocSearcher, so loook might not be able to replace it. But it 
works without java.



Thomas Wolkenhauer, Dortmund, Germany

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