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Re: DocSearcher on Debian

> So, I assume if DocSearcher is to be packaged for Debian it will be in 
> non-free until something like Kaffe is ready.  Jeremy, do you know anything 
> about the java situation?  Maybe we need to test DocSearcher with kaffe, gjc 
> & gij.  I have zero experience with any of those, but if/when I get some 
> time, I'll give it a try.

I don't know more than what you've said.  Re DocSearcher though, it is a
shame that it doesn't seem to want to work as a browser applet.  When I
originally stuck it in our "to-package" list it was because I figured it
would be nice to stick on a law office intranet, to search through all
the OOo documents on the file server.  Seems it will only search through
local files though, which makes it a bit useless.  Or maybe I'm wrong?

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