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DocSearcher on Debian

Greetings to all,

I saw the posting regarding Debian-Lex in the Debian Weekly News, and wish
the best of luck on the project. I may be interested in getting involved,
though I don't have much in the way of programming skills, I am reasonably
knowledgeable end-user, and have used Debian as my home OS for 4 years.
Documentation would probably be the best contribution I could make.

My office provides legal research and assistance with appeals and test case
work in the area of poverty law in Ontario (Canada), i.e., social
assistance, housing, etc.. One of the tools we offer to our clients
(Ontario's 80 community legal clinics) is a website where we provide access
to our databse of decisions and legal memoranda and other documents that are
not available commercially due to the nature of our practice. 

We are currently in the process of revising the site, and moving from a
primarily static HTML site (which, with approximately 30,000 documents is
becoming a bit hard to manage in FrontPage) to a PHP/MySQL site using Lucene
for the search function. I was interested to see DocSearcher (which uses
Lucene) included in the suggested programs at Debian-Lex, and decided to
give it a test on my Woody system.

I started with trying to create a searchable CD of some PDF files, which
seemed to be the most straightforward way to test the program. I have
Blackdown j2re1.3 installed, and was able to run the program with "java -jar
DocSearcher.jar", which created an index in /home/bruce/.docsearcher, and
launched the GUI for DocSearcher

However, when I tried to run a search for the term "constitutional", I got
no results. I got the following error in the terminal I started DocSearcher

 STATUS:SEARCH STRING:+body:(constitutional)...
        at DocSearch.doSearch(DocSearch.java:1727)
        at DocSearch.handleEventCommand(DocSearch.java:1002)
        at GuiThread.run(GuiThread.java:29)
        at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:484)

Knowing almost nothing about Java, I'm not sure what this error means.
Anyone managed to get DocSearcher running on Debian?


Bruce Best
Staff Lawyer
Clinic Resource Office
direct line  (416) 204-7112
fax          (416) 204-5422

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