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Package tags for Debian-Lex

Here are some proposed package tags for Debian-Lex for discussion:

[Lex] Legal Software : Legal Office Administration
[Lex] Legal Software : Practice Management
[Lex] Legal Software : Document Management
[Lex] Legal Software : Court Administration
[Lex] Legal Software : Legal Research
[Lex] Legal Software : Legal Subjects : Taxation Law
[Lex] Legal Software : Legal Systems : Common Law
[Lex] Legal Software : Legal Systems : Code/Civil Law
[Lex] Legal Software : Legal Systems : Other Legal Systems

Tags are new, so I'm not sure if I've got the right style here.  I've
copied "[Lex] Legal Software" off the existing tag "[Edu] Educational
Software", but maybe just "Legal" would be a more concise tag.  I note
that there are already tags for generic categories like "Office
Software" and "Documentation", so I'm not duplicating those of course
("Document Management" is a bit generic but not an existing tag). 
Taxation Law is the only legal subject or sub-discipline included only
because it's the only one that Debian-Lex has specific packages for.

I am a bit unclear about why Tasks couldn't have been modified to serve
the purpose of Tags.  Since woody, can't Tasks already do most of what
Tags do?  If we are supposed to use Tags in preference to Tasks, should
Tasks be deprecated?  Are Tags going to be added to the Policy Manual?

The other question is whether Debian-Lex and the other [sub|meta]-
projects should add their categories to the main package tags database
or whether to maintain our own separate and privately-maintained package
tag databases which we would install into the tags.d directory.  If the
latter, would the tag package have to be a dependency in any package
tagged with one of its tags? 

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