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Re: Package tags for Debian-Lex

On Thu, 2003-06-05 at 23:21, Erich Schubert wrote:
> Also i'm not sure about the amount of "legal"-related packages in debian
> right now. Maybe there will be more, but maybe they'll be kept in a
> separate repository. If so, the tags should be "mostly" used there only.

I do intend that most of these tags would only be found in the separate
repository installed by Debian-Lex's task.  Sorry, I wasn't clear about
that in my first message.

> > legal::office or "legal, office" ?
> I'm quite unsure about this tag. Would this, for example, be attached to
> openoffice? If so i'm definitely against introducing this tag:
> openoffice doesn't have anything specific to legal issues; that legal
> offices might want to use regular office software probably isn't enough
> to justify this tag.
> Same applies to many other of these tags.

No this tag is for software for an office administrator of a law firm. 
But with regard to OpenOffice, I *was* intending to tag this as legal,
but this tag will be coming from a separate repository that will only be
installed as part of the "Legal" task and therefore won't even be
visible to ordinary users.  I don't see a problem with that.

> > > [Lex] Legal Software : Document Management
> > 
> > Can it be just document-management outside of a "legal" context?  Or
> > maybe "legal, document-management", with the addition of a
> > "document-management" tag as well.

Yes I do think that this "document-management" tag should be in the main
vocabulary file rather than in the private Debian-Lex one, since it
would have wider application.  For example software like Scrollkeeper
would fall into this category.  So can I make this a request for this
tag to be added to the main database? -

  Tag: document-management
  Description: Document Management

> > > [Lex] Legal Software : Legal Research
> > 
> > Could it be expressed by a combination of "legal" and something related
> > to search engines?

I suppose so, I can't think off-hand about anything that would be
research software that wouldn't involve searching.  There isn't anything
suitable so far in the main tags database, so what about this to be
added to it:

  Tag: search
  Description: Tools to extract information from electronic documents

> > > [Lex] Legal Software : Legal Systems : Other Legal Systems
> > 
> > What do you mean with "other legal systems"?

There is a taxonomy of International legal systems, in countries that
inherited the UK legal system (eg. Australia, USA, South Africa, etc.)
the system is called "common law", European-derived legal systems are
typically described as "civil law", and there are also some other legal
systems (such as Muslim law and customary law) that I would lump into
the "Other Legal Systems" category. 

> If you want tags for debian-lex, please design them with this
> interpreation in mind:
> - maybe add some tag "recommended-for-lex" (but i think tasks should be
> used for this, not tags!)
> - use some tag "suiteable-for-lex" (or better: "not-suiteable-for-lex",
> because there will probably fewer packages that are best-to-be-avoided
> here. Maybe some Scientology-developed software and such, or software
> with risky licences and patents)

Hmm.  I am unsure about "recommended-for-foo" and "suitable-for-foo"
tags, this makes tags sound like dependencies, which they're not.  Can't
I just tag them as "legal" in my private database which won't interfere
with non-Debian-Lex users?  I don't want OpenOffice.org to be hidden
from someone who is looking at Debian-Lex packages in a tags browser.  

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