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Suggested database schema

Sorry for posting a binary attachment to the list, but it is small.

Here is a draft database schema for discussion.  For some applications,
such as OpenOffice.org, the database can probably be accessed directly. 
For other applications that use an SQL database with their own defined
schema, it can be accessed through SQL views, rules and triggers; for
example, the accounting program SQL-Ledger.  For applications that don't
use SQL at all, we need a library that can import and export from the
database (I have already written one that does this for GnoTime, the
GNOME Time Tracker, which I will be packaging for Debian-Lex).

The idea is that "Contact" will be a field that will store information
about people, and people can be clients, fee-earner lawyers, opposing
party lawyers, representatives of clients (eg. a corporate client that
might have a director or similar representative), people who refer
clients, or persons to be raised on a conflict-of-interest check.

Another design feature of this schema is that not only each client can
have more than one matter (or file), but that each matter can have more
than one client.  This database won't hold accounting information
directly, eg. how much the client has on trust, this will be held in
specialised tables in the accounting program (eg. SQL-Ledger).  However,
I have included credit card information here, maybe I should take it

There are bound to be things I'm missing from here.

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