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My introduction...

Since I'm new to the debian-lex list, here is an introduction of myself:
My name is Nigel Symes, I am situated in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
I am a MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer) but all Linux devotees please don't hold that against me :)
I am also a Student-at-Law with the Queensland Bar
I am currently finishing off my B.Comm at UQ.
I love programming. My most current work is C++/OpenGL under Windows. I also program in VB (not much use on this project though), and I do a little hand optimising in assembler (mostly inline). Over the years I have had exposure to a lot of things programming-wise.
My non-Windows experience is limited but I hope to rectify that situation. I realise that it will probably be somewhat of a steep learning curve for me personally but I look forward to the challenge of being a useful contributor to this project.
Nigel Symes (Brisbane, Australia)

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