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Re: Question about Debian redistribution

On Wed, 2022-01-05 at 16:08 -0600, Navtej Bhatti wrote:

> If I want Debian to boot with the stock firmware, I need a specific
> partition layout that is completely foreign to UEFI systems. I don't
> think this would integrate well in Linux distributions.

I note that the depthcharge-tools author attempted to get it into
Debian, in the process giving the standard Debian installer support for
booting on Chromebook stock firmware and creating Debian installations
that boot with the Chromebook stock firmware. Looking at the RFS it
seems that more work is needed on the packaging. I suggest that if
anyone is interested in getting this work into Debian then they could
offer Alper Nebi Yasak their assistance.


PS: IMO when possible stock firmware should always be overwritten with
libre firmware packaged by the distro. Debian doesn't yet have a
coreboot package, but there is some work in progress:




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