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Re: Question about Debian redistribution

Thanks for this valuable information! A little off-topic about the initramfs and kernel: Google pushes new kernels on Chromebooks more often than on Android devices. Driver support on the kernel 5.4 appears to be similar with the stock 4.X kernels shipped with the devices. I find an initramfs unnecessary, and it seems like Google developers think the same thing. Distro support is perfect in my experience - but of course things like Plymouth cannot start early and DKMS is unsupported. Back to the licensing: I can't really integrate the changes into distributions. I could package the kernel into distributions - but then users need to flash custom Coreboot firmware, which takes a lot of steps. If I want Debian to boot with the stock firmware, I need a specific partition layout that is completely foreign to UEFI systems. I don't think this would integrate well in Linux distributions. So I feel like the only solution that complies with Debian licensing is to create something like NOOBS on the Raspberry Pi - a distribution downloader. However, this too is complex. I don't want to change the distribution names themselves, since that would cause more fragmentation. But, I guess my only option is to change my distribution naming, which I will proceed to do. Any other suggestions to distribute Debian but not create a whole separate distribution?

On Wed, Jan 5, 2022 at 9:22 AM Mihai Moldovan <ionic@ionic.de> wrote:
* On 1/5/22 9:32 AM, Paul Wise wrote:
> [...]
> Navtej Bhatti wrote on https://milkydeveloper.github.io/cb-linux/:
>> Depthcharge does not have the ability of using an initramfs
> This is an unsupported configuration for booting Debian, and I bet for
> every other Linux distro, since they rely on the initramfs to contain
> software needed to load the rootfs.

While fully off-topic for the list, it also doesn't seem to be true.

This set of tools includes examples of how to integrate a kernel and an
initramfs: https://github.com/alpernebbi/depthcharge-tools


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