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Re: Question about Debian redistribution

Navtej Bhatti wrote:

> I have a project to get Linux (specifically Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora,
> and Arch) working on chromebooks.

This sounds like something that should be done within those
distributions themselves, rather than outside them in a separate
project. General distros want to be able to support Chromebooks too.

Navtej Bhatti wrote on https://milkydeveloper.github.io/cb-linux/:

> Depthcharge does not have the ability of using an initramfs

This is an unsupported configuration for booting Debian, and I bet for
every other Linux distro, since they rely on the initramfs to contain
software needed to load the rootfs.

This requirement could probably be worked around by adding an initramfs
post-build hook that would unpack the built initramfs to the partition
(and copy the Linux kernel) that Depthcharge boots from, the unpacked
initramfs would mount the real rootfs and boot as normal.

The Debian installer could have images containing similarly repacked
installer initramfs for use by Chromebook users.

> the same forked Linux kernel as ChromeOS

Debian and most other distros generally only support the mainline Linux
kernel, so it would be good if those patches could get sent upstream.
Eventually the installed ChromeOS kernel will get too old to run Debian
userland as glibc and systemd Linux kernel requirements increase.

PS: your project reminds me of the various chroot-on-Android projects:


PS: there are some Debian wiki pages about chromebooks:




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