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Re: Question about Debian redistribution

Navtej Bhatti writes:
> Am I allowed to redistribute an iso file containing the Debian rootfs,
> but with only free packages added (including the debian
> "firmware-linux-free") and some configuration files changed? The heart
> of my software is my specialized vmlinuz flashed to another partition
> of the USB.

Debian certainly encourages this kind of modification.  Debian's
trademark rules are here


As for your specific case, it sounds like you are essentially offering a
specialized installer with a different kernel, but otherwise it is stock
Debian?  I think that makes you a Debian derivative


There are some detailed guidelines here


I think any required changes would be minimal.  However, I am just some
guy on the internet, and I can not speak with authority.  If those
guidelines are not sufficient and you need a more definitive answer,
then you probably need to speak to the Debian Project Leader.

Walter Landry

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