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cowsay questionable files

cowsay has many questionable files that could attract copyright and
trademark enforcement action.  For further details see the pull
requested linked below.

Debian packages cowsay.  The cowsay source code repository is

The cowsay repository's CONTRIBUTING.md says "Issues and pull requests
on that repository will be ignored.".  I submitted a pull request
<https://github.com/tnalpgge/rank-amateur-cowsay/pull/4>.  I expect that
it will be ignored.

There is a fork of cowsay <https://github.com/cowsay-org/cowsay> that
claims to be maintained.  I have submitted a pull request to it as
well. <https://github.com/cowsay-org/cowsay/pull/16>

The pull requests remove the questionable files.

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