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Re: Legal status of Audacity in releases newer than Bullseye

On 2021/07/05 02:58, jorkanofaln@tutanota.com wrote:
> As you know the audacity project has been recently acquired by
> musegroup. Since then there have been a series of changes impacting
> Audacity. One such change is that telemetry has been included in newer
> versions of audacity no the one currently in the Debian repository for
> Bullseye and Sid (version 2.4.2), and has a requirement which both
> violates the GPLv2 license, the GPLv3 license as well as the Debian Free
> Software Guidelines. There has been a fork, which removes the
> questionable code, which can be found
> here: https://github.com/cookiengineer/audacity
> <https://github.com/cookiengineer/audacity>. Here is the github issue
> thread explaining the license violation issue with regards to the
> privacy policy: https://github.com/audacity/audacity/issues/1213
> <https://github.com/audacity/audacity/issues/1213> What is the plan
> going forward, after the release of Debian 11 (since version 2.4.2 is
> unaffected by the licensing isuse) in regards to Audacity in the Debian
> package repository? Should this GPL2 violation be reported, if so to
> what organization? How will it impact the audacity package in
> bullseye-backports, bookworm as well as newer versions?

I still need to read both the following article and all sources properly
(along with actual audacity changes announced), but it appears that
there might be more to it, according to Ars Technica:



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